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epub Contents does not work

I saved my .doc in html filtered format (table of contents link work fine), then loaded it to Calibre, and converted the file to ePub. I then went to my Nook Press account, clicked Add Manuscript, and uploaded the epub file to my account. This worked. When I went to Nook Book Details and clicked (opened) the Read My Book, the Table of Content links were there, but did not work. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: epub Contents does not work

There are two possibilities.

The first is that NP's Manuscript Editor (which is buggy) has garbled your EPUB file.

The second possibility is that your EPUB file was buggy when you submitted it, but Calibre's E-book Viewer was able to work around the bugs. You haven't mentioned running your EPUB file through EPUBCHECK, which is required by Pubit and by the iTunes Bookstore. Have you done that?
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Re: epub Contents does not work

Have you attempted to upload the .doc file directly in NookPress?