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Re: how are your sales going?

After not selling a single download of my e-book Love and Quilts, in the month of June, I lowered the price to 99 cents for the month of July. So far I have sold 3.

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Re: how are your sales going?


I have never had a problem with slow payments from B&N or Amazon. They come in right on schedule as they promised in the policy statement. It takes something like 3-4 months before the first payment comes in, and you have to have sold enough books to earn a particular price level.


I have no complaints about B&N except for one...that's they seem to almost never answere an email question.


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Re: how are your sales going?

Where are you all promoting (if at all) for B&N?  I was on B&N back when I first released my debut novel in November and had VERY few sales so I pulled it and entered Amazon Select for a while where I gained a fair following and hit best-seller status a few times (on the freebie and paid lists) but as the benefits of the program dwindled I opted to pull all of my books and proliferate them which included returning to B&N but unfortunately, B&N is STILL my lowest producing site and I am not sure what else I can do to get some attention on B&N. So, here I am wondering what others are doing or if everyone is just trudging through the low-selling summer months.

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Re: how are your sales going?

At one point I sold 10:1 BN vs. Amazon. Last month I was still at 2:1. This month my sales have fallen off a cliff and I have zero sales at BN for the last three days. I average at least 3 a day usually. Anything new or different at BN?