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how long does it to go live?

I am new to PUBIT. I uploaded a book on Thursday and it sprocessing 'processing'. I have checked Barnes and noble store and it isn't live when I do a search. How long does it take for a book to go on sale?

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Re: how long does it to go live?

:smileysad: lately, it's a gamble. Typically it takes around 12-24 hours. However, there have been instances when it took longer . . . days and weeks longer . . . sorry.





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Re: how long does it to go live?

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Hi jmd230,


PubIt! says it can take up to 72 hours (3 days) for an ebook to go "live". Others have reported that it took a week or more. We're not sure why there is such a disparity.


I upload only validated, tested, ready-to-publish epub files for each of my ebooks. They require no conversion by PubIt! and only need to be approved and then encrypted with DRM. Mine seem to take about a day and a half (36 hours) but I haven't uploaded any this month and timing may be related.


Many folks have come here to either vent or look for help. Unfortunately, this is a user-run forum and we're in the same boat as you. We don't have the answers about the problems that PubIt! appears to be having. All we can advise is to have patience and keep sending emails to PubIt! about the problems.


Kind regards, David

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Re: how long does it to go live?

This is anecdotal evidence from myself and a group of other writers in my genre that I talk with, but it seems like B&N is more glitchy if you don't upload new stuff as often.  It tends to take a bit longer to get your books live if you're only the "occasional" uploader as opposed to the "frequent" uploader.


This could all be random coincidence and mean nothing at all, but it seems like they have different queues for different people.  The "occasionals" get a "we'll do it when we get to it" kind of treatment, while the "frequents" get a rush order kind of thing.


I can't confirm this as true or anything, but I upload new short stories/novelettes/novellas about once or twice a week, and my books are usually live within 12 hours.  Very rarely it takes <24 hours, and only once has it taken ~4 days(but that was when they were having huge technical difficulties and Hurricane Sandy stuff, so kind of an outlier issue there).