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my book

how do I check which version of my book is  being sold? and how do I  revise it? thanks

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Re: my book

You can check the version by opening it up and looking.


You revise by taking the old one off sale and uploading a brand new project.




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Re: my book

No need to do something so drastic. Assuming (blithely) that you've prepared a new, EPUBCHECK-okayed EPUB, just go to Pubit, go to "My Titles," go to that book's "ACTIONS" menu, choose "Edit," go to "Replace your Ebook File," browse, upload, click on "Replace & Preview," click on the "I confirm that I have..." box at the bottom of the page, click on "Save & Post Changes," and you're done -- with all of your ebook's prior reviews intact.

Note that I am NOT mentioning Nook Press -- avoid doing any part of your ebook replacement from there, for the time being. (April 2013)