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App Totals?

Does anyone have an idea on how many apps are currently available with Nook?

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6,827 as of October 27th.


If you go to and search for 'app' you'll get a list of Nook Apps. Currently it shows 6,827.

Note: These are all Tablet Apps.


iPad does have 275,000 Tablet Apps. However, Android has very few actual apps made for Tablets.



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The best way to find out is to go to the Nook Apps page and click each category that interests you under the Shop by Category section in the left-hand menu. You can get a rough count by multiplying the number of pages in the results list by the number of items per page. For example, when I click on News & Weather I get four pages of 30 items, meaning there are between 91 and 120 apps in the News & Weather category.

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I have seen published reviews that approximately 10,000 apps are available. BN has never been willing to make determining this easy. Some apps are listed in multiple categories. The totals given by Amazon, Apple, and Google Play are swollen by the many bank, TV station, merchant apps, grocery and other shopping site apps. Most of these are little more than glorified book marks. I saw one estimate that 60 - to 80 percent of Googles and Apple's apps come from these businesses. Amazon and BN were not included in the analysis.