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Buying a NOOK without a credit card?

I am currently looking into buying a NOOK for myself. I, however, have no credit card. I normally buy print books from B& using gift cards. I was planning on doing the same thing with e-books - but had heard  in passing that does not work without a credit card. Is this true? I checked B&N's FAQ for the NOOK, but all they said you needed a credit card for was to 'access protected purchases'. Is this all books? Or are some books protected purchases and others not?


(By the way: I'm new to these boards and do hope I posted this at the right place.)


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You must have a valid credit card, registered to a US zip code, in order to purchase and access material from B&N, even if you actually use gift cards for all your purchases.  There must be a single credit card on the account that it uses to encrypt the content.


You can use a prepaid card, loaded with a nominal amount, but the trick is that it must have a zip code tied to it.  I don't know how you set that up but others have posted that it can be done.

by Byteguy on ‎03-11-2013 02:32 PM
If your bank ATM card has a Visa logo, you can use that.

But, honestly, I don't like that card being attached to accounts because it can be turned into a vacuum that can suck your cash out and the rules about fraudulent debit card purchases are different and you have to convince your bank to put the money back while you dispute them.