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Buying a NOOK without a credit card?

I am currently looking into buying a NOOK for myself. I, however, have no credit card. I normally buy print books from B& using gift cards. I was planning on doing the same thing with e-books - but had heard  in passing that does not work without a credit card. Is this true? I checked B&N's FAQ for the NOOK, but all they said you needed a credit card for was to 'access protected purchases'. Is this all books? Or are some books protected purchases and others not?


(By the way: I'm new to these boards and do hope I posted this at the right place.)


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You must have a valid credit card, registered to a US zip code, in order to purchase and access material from B&N, even if you actually use gift cards for all your purchases.  There must be a single credit card on the account that it uses to encrypt the content.


You can use a prepaid card, loaded with a nominal amount, but the trick is that it must have a zip code tied to it.  I don't know how you set that up but others have posted that it can be done.

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I do not know if having a credit card is a must, but I have attached several different BN gift cards to my Nook account over the years and have never had a problem when purchasing books. I have found that the Nook specialists in the BN stores are far more helpful and knowledgeable than the individuals in tech support.
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Most books that are published by major publishers have DRM, making these books "secured content."  Some (I don't know the percentage) self-pub books also have DRM.


As a general rule, it's safe to assume that a decent chunk of what you might buy will be secured.  B&N's DRM uses the default credit card on file in your account to create a hash that they then use to secure that content.  No card = no hash = no ability to secure the content, so no sale.


Also, I *think* that the pre-e-sale check for a valid credit card is across the board, as opposed to being limited to DRM'd purchases, so even if you're downloading non-DRM freebies, you may need a card on file.


It's getting easier to find pre-paid cards that allow/require an address; that's the route I would go if I were buying a nook and didn't have a regular credit card.