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Cut-and-Paste from B&N Reader to PDF?

Perhaps I am missing something (I probably am!) ... I am not the type to have old copies of magazines lying around because they each have 1 or 2 articles or ads which interest me or would be future reference material. So I cut them out, scan them, and save them in MS One Note.


I have subscribed to a couple of magazines in B&N Nook Reader format, but don't seem to have any way to electronically save individual articles -- or even copies -- ito a usable database. Have I missed something?

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The new nooks, HD and HD+, will have scrapbooking available in most of their magazines. With this feature you can "tear" out a page and save it in a named folder right on the nook. I have really been looking forward to this feature since I read a lot of magazines on my nook tablet. Your not missing anything on the current tablets. Seems you can only bookmark some magazines and some pages, but they are not easy to find again. I have reserved a 9" HD+. Mags will look great on that high resolution screen and will have 3D page turns.
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