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Have 1st gen Nook touch with touchscreen along bottom; having problem connecting to internet.

I have the 1st generation Nook touch with the touchscreen running along the bottom. Just today I was reading a book on it and everything seemed fine. I went to do some other things and decided to charge my nook,While I was doing other things, from my computer I downloaded a new book. Later on I went upstairs to read this book and it said it wasn't downloaded, so I push download, and it says "starting", then about 10 seconds later it says that I have no wifi connectivity and that I need to make sure I'm connected to the internet...only I AM connected to the internet, even checked the wifi and it said I was connected and had a strong connection. I turned the nook off and turned it back on; still said the same thing. Took the battery completely out and turned it back on; again, still said I wasn't connected to the internet. I'm currently on my laptop, on the internet typing this, so I know it is nothing actually wrong with the router or anything. What should I do? Is there any way that I can download the books from my computer on to the nook? Please help!!!

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Yes, you can download on your computer.  You can use the Nook for PC app or just click "Download" when looking at the book in your online library.  Just connect your Nook to the PC using the USB cable and copy the downloaded file to your "My Documents" folder on the Nook (or Nook for PC can do it for you easily once you plug in the Nook).  Remember that on the N1E (Nook First Edition, what you have) you have to switch from your B&N Library to "My Documents" to see books you have "sideloaded" this way.  On the original model they kept the libraries separate,

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Every once and a while you need to go back to and make sure that things are working there. I have a 1st edition and most of the time when I cannot get things downloaded it is either a issue or I need to disconnect from the internet and reconnect. I would check first, then try disconnecting and reconnecting from the internet.