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How do you effectively manage books on a Simple Touch?

The current Book Shelf design is not a good answer. Between the website and  PC connectivity with the Nook there should be a better way to create shelves and move books or other resources into them.


My $19 mp3 player allows me to create folders and playlists on a PC and then sync them to the player. It's really difficult to believe this is not a standard feature on the Nooks.


I love reading on my Nook but trying to manage hundreds of resources on it is making me rethink keeping it.


If you have any good ideas I would love to hear them. Tagging one book at a time is not the answer.


Thank you


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I dealt with this by not keeping everything on the NST. I use it for my currently-reading set of books (usually < 12), and manage my full collection using Calibre on my desktop computer. This has the added advantage of not creating a lot of work should something happen to my NST, or a reset happen.