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How do you install a memory card in the Nook Simple Touch? Mine won't go in!

The instructions in the Nook manual say to lay it flat on a level surface, open the cover, insert with logo side down.  Unfortunately, when I tried this, it wouldn't go in and kept shifting to an angle (rather than straight in) if I tried to push it further.  The technical drawing on the following pages of the manual shows it from the front of the Nook, going in with the logo facing towards the back of the nook, which is the opposite of the written instructions.  When I tried that it went straight in and clicked, but when I turned the Nook on, I didn't get the formatting message, and the memory card is not showing up in settings/device.  Why isn't there a video of this on the Nook videos page?

I'm not usually inept with this sort of thing, but right now I feel pretty stupid.  Based on all the other board messages that refer to this, nobody else is having this problem.  Any help will be appreciated.

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Thanks to

kamas716 (Inspired Scribe)


They provided a response to my problem with how to store Nook books on the memory card.  Most helpful