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How does one remove apps (game etc) from my nook, Some of them freeze up or doesnt work correctly
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Press down on the App icon and hold for 2 seconds. A menu will come up. In that menu, choose 'Archive'.


Please Note: All data and game progress for that app/game will be deleted when you do this.

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If I press down on the icons for two seconds (or longer) I can only move things to Home or to the Shelf.  I was told that the "Nook Apps" cannot be removed.  I can understand why "Nook Friends" may not be something in that category, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Huli and Pandora should be able to be removed, especially since 1) if you reboot they seem to re-install themselves and 2) They don't ask for your permissions to access your private data.


I just bought this Nook, the first one died in one day and I begrudgingly agreed to try a second.  But I think the bloatware/spyware is probably going to be enough for me to take it back.