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How to report lower price to Barnes and Noble Nook?

Hi.  Sometimes I will see a ebook for a lower price on Amazon.  Is there a way to report a lower price to B&N Nook if this happens?  I read on an author's Facebook where she mentioned something about being able to report lower prices and was wondering if this is possible on Barnes and Nooble Nook books.



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With popular fiction e-books B&N usually pricematches Amazon (more or less). But it can take B&N 2 or 3 days before the price gets adjusted (and prices are not adjusted outside regular hours or in the weekend).

There is usually no pricematching with non-ficition books.


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Barnes & Noble has never shown any desire to price match, so no, they have no mechanism to report price differences.  If they wanted to compete on price there are simple tools they could set up to monitor competitors' prices.