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I've heard that after so long, magazines will automatically delete. Is there a way to prevent this?
I subscribe to a few photography magazines and I would like to keep all of them. When I upgraded to my HD+ from color I lost 6 that could not be unarchived. Now one from last June mysteriously disappeared. I have two old subscriptions that I only had for three issues and they are still there (dated Jan-March 2012). Do they delete after so many or by age? Either way, since I paid for them, I want to keep them! Thanks in advance! Allie
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When the NC and the magazines first came out, think that default allowed for you to keep up to 10 issues before issues would start to disappear. But as long as you archived them before the 10 issue max, you could redownload them. This was when the magazines were mainly epubs though.  Now a lot of them are apps. 


Go onto the website, find your magazines and see if they work on Nook PC or Nook Study. If they do, they are epubs and you can create a backup there. If they are apps, really dont know what is going on as far as access is concerned.


I'm in the same boat (well, they're gardening, not photography magazines.) But thats part of the appeal of getting them electronically, so you can keep them, but not physically. If the magazines you want are really apps through B& N, you might want to check out Zinio or see if there is another way for you to purchase them so you can keep them.