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Is is possible to e-mail an e-book to the Nook.

Is it possible to send an e-mail to a Nook with an attached ebook so the ebook will now show up on the Nook?


For example: Each Kindle has an e-mail address assigned to it. Amazon has made it possible to e-mail a mobi file or a document to the Kindle through this e-mail address. I can send an e-mail to my mother's Kindle (because she's approved me as a sender) and the MOBI file I've attached will appear on her Kindle to read.


Can the same thing be done for the Nook? Or is there another similar method that will allow me to send an e-book file via e-mail to a device?


I can't seem to find anything on the forums about this and some mobile device forums that discuss this are outdated. They all say it is NOT possible.


Thank you!


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No you cannot do that. You can however buy her an ebook at your local B&N store. You must know the email address she uses. You pay for it through the register and on the receipt it tells you how to redeem the book to her B&N account.

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I'm not an expert, so take this with a grain of salt. If the ebook is not DRM, you should be able to attach it to an email and send. The recipient would open the email on their Nook and save the attachment to their device. It would then be in the My Files section of the Library. This may not be as direct as what you describe, but I see no reason why this would not work. Again, not having tried it, I can't be positive.