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New books will not load on NST.

I have had my NST for about 2 years.  Over the past 4 weeks I have not been able to load my new books.  Wifi shows strong but new books do not load.  What can I do?

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I had that issue last week with my ST w/ Glowlight. The books showed on my old ST and Nook Apps but not on the Glowlight.

When I submitted a question to CS, all they suggested was archiving and unarchiving the books which did not work.

I had to unregister and re-register the device to get the titles to show up.


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I think B&N had some difficulties with the servers a couple of weeks ago, but I've not seen any new reports.  You can sideload your new purchases for the moment.  If you're not getting a low memory warning and this is continues to happen I would suggest bringing it to a store to see if anyone at the Nookdesk can help or possibly calling CS.  Which firmware version are you running?