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Nook users on military bases overseas

My daughter is in the Air National Guard, and is stationed in Qatar at the moment. I sent her with my nook simple touch, which is holding up well in the heat. However, I'm not sure about something, and she's been unable to get an answer (they're apparently uncommon over there) and we were a bit afraid that doing so might somehow erase the content on it and she'd lose all the books we made sure to get loaded before she left.


Is there a way to get her any new books? We share a library, specifically so I can buy a book here in the US and she can get to them (and I'm in the US, using a US based credit card, and buy a lot of books). If she can connect the thing to the wireless over there, is there a way to update the library? Will it just update automatically?

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It should just update automatically.  To my knowledge there's nothing that would even check where she is connecting from.  The only requirement I'm aware of is that the credit card used for purchases must have a US address.


I can't imagine that connecting could in any way damage the content she already has.