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Possible upgrade to Nook HD?
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With the newly announced, and soon to be released, Nook HD and HD+, I'm both excited and curious. Excited because it looks fantastic, and I'm already loving the sleek designs and colors. But more to the point, I'm also curious about something.


Will current Nook owners (in my case, Nook Tablet) be able to upgrade to the Nook HD in any way? Whether that means to trade in your current Nook for a discounted price or something more, I'm unsure, but I'm just wondering if there is anything planned for the current Nook owners out there, or if we'll just have to purchase it normally.


If this is already answered somewhere else on the main page for the product, I apologize for the new thread and withdraw my question, and would be thankful for a link to such an answer.

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I'd like to encourage anyone who upgrades (ithout doing a trade-in) to please consider donating your older model to local high schools for BYOT programs.  Many schools would love to offer e-books to students and districts who cannot afford to purchase readers. :heart: