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So I bought a Nook First edition .....

I have a nook first edition and I just bought it from a reputable electronics place, I say this because Im pretty sure its not anything physically wrong with the nook device. But I started it up and registered it with my old nook account and it said it successfully registered and gave no error messages or anything. I go to my B&N library and it says its looking for B&N content updates and I suppose its getting my books off my account so I can download them for the new device. Only problem is that its been looking for this data for almost 2 hours now. So I log into my B& account for nook and check to make sure the device registered and that all went through just fine but when I go to my library there is nothing there. But when I check my nook app on my smart hone all my books come up just fine. So I call the nook phone number for customer service..And get told to go to the live chat online....But the live chat is apparently down. So I resort to calling my local barns and noble store and am told that there are a number of updates that the device can't receive wirelessly and that I have to bring it in to the store. So I am going to bring the device in tonight but while I was waiting for my husband t get ready to go I logged back in here to check what version of the software the nook should be running and it says 1.7.0. I checked my nook and it says its running that exact software version. Has anyone else run into this problem? As I said I am going to take the device in and see what happens then and I will update this thread when I get back with my results. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I just bought a new Nook HD+ and I am trying to register it and it keeps telling me "Network Error" so I called a local B&N store and they said that it's an issue on B&N's side, the network is experiencing outages currently. Very frustrating..

by mbth3368 on ‎07-26-2013 08:00 PM
got a replacement Nook recently, and having the same problem too, its their site not your nook