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Why are some Nook books not in my Nook for PC app library?

I really appeciated finding detailed steps on this forum provided by some helpful individuals on how to share Nook books on different Nook devices.I'm a newbie here on this forum. I've had a Nook Color a few months and purchased and downloaded the NIV Study Bible - it's a very good one. For Christmas I purchased a Nook HD for DWnd wanted to share the NIV Study Bible on her Nook HD. I followed the steps provided and obtained the Nook for PC app on my desktop computer and proceed to my library to download the NIV Study Bible, as instructed. However, all the books in my BN library are there, except the NIV Study Bible. Apparently, there are some Nook books that maybe have some kind of copyright protection and won't appear in your Nook for PC app website, even though it's there on my BN account page . I was wondering if anyone on this forum might know the reason why, as well as if they know of any way to get it moved there to be downloaded? Thanks.  

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Hi LBRusty,


Sorry that you are having the current problem with the NIV Study Bible.


Few things to verify:


1.) Is this a App or ebook? 


2.) If it is a book, there should be a Lend Me banner on the upper right side corner, if it is allowed by the publisher.


3.) Also on the BN website, once you click on your title on the right side it will show: Available on NOOK devices and apps. You can verify if it is compatible with the NOOK for PC.


Thank You