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Why isn't there a Facebook app for the Nook?

B&N has other social apps like Twitter and GoodReads.


It's a bit embarrassing to tell my friend that he has to use the web browser to access Facebook.


It will be more embarrassing when this goes viral.  

How tech savvy is a company which can't offer the third most popular free app in the Google Play store?

Or maybe developers think the Nook is a platform not worth supporting...  (Is Nook the next Blackberry?)


For three years Nook hasn't had a Facebook app?  Wouldn't that be at the top of the list, like Angry Birds?


I guess one could root the tablet, but then, why not just buy an Android tablet that is fully accessible right out of the box?

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Because until recently the FB app was just cute packaging for a portal to the website.  Even now it's barely an app.  And the website has more features than the current version of the app.


It's embarassing that people think the FB app is somehow better than the website or that it's a must have app.  It's not.  It will never be. 


You can always place a bookmark to FB on your Nook homepage should you feel the need to have something to press to take you directly to FB.  It will effectively work the same as the app.

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We need one, and we need one soon
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