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Will there be upgrades from a current nook such as the tablet, to an hd or hd+?
Will there be upgrades from possibly a nook tablet to a nook hd or nook hd+? If not will there be a software update so the older nooks can have Android Icecream Sandwich? Please respond:-)
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My intel from my great salespeople at B&N says that the NT and NC won't be forgotten entirely. Sure they're phased out on the site and in stores, but I think support will continue for a short while. Personally I'm hoping for NOOK Video like on the HD (+). According to a user on these forums called "5ivedom" (he's a developer), there should be no reason why not to update one last time. The NT and NC have the hardware to do so. My awesome salespeople said the same. 


Here's to hoping! :smileyhappy: 

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