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how do I download Free Friday books?
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That depends, what Nook do you have?

Basically, you go to the Store page and "buy" the book.  BE VERY CAREFUL. Only go all the way if it says "FREE" on it.  It's easy to get the wrong book and the "free" period can be very short for some titles.


Personally, I like doing it online so I just go to, login, find the book by name, "buy" it, and it shows up magically on my NST.

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The Free Friday posting has a picture of the book cover with a link to the book's page.  Just click on it and you'll be redirected to the book.  Instead of the "Buy Now" link for a book that has a price, you'll see a "Download Now" button.  Click on it.  You'll be asked to confirm.  Once you do, you have "bought" the free book and your Nook will automatically download it the next time you refresh.