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is a credit card required to use a nook HD?

i was looking at information about the nook HD and it says that you are required to put your credit card information into your account. is this required? because i never have nor will i ever use a credit card.

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You need a cc on file to purchase any books from BN, they use the cc number as part of the process to create the DRM encryption key.  Whether you can use it without registering it, I don't know.  Some folks have been able to get a prepaid cc to debit card to work, with a minimal dollar amount.  You have to be able to register and attach an address to the card at the issuers site.

by Rika24 on ‎11-26-2012 12:10 AM
so a debit card will work then? i've just been warned repeatedly that CCs are evil my entire life so i'm afraid to use them XD
by Ya_Ya on ‎11-26-2012 09:47 AM
Yes, a debit card will work.
by on ‎11-26-2012 11:21 AM
Credit cards aren't inherently evil, when used responsibly, there's nothing wrong with them. And they are fast becoming a necessary "evil". It's pretty hard to make a hotel reservation or rent a car without one.

Since I'm not a fan of putting a debit card on the Internet (actually, I never use mine except for gas at Costco), a prepaid card you can register to an address and using gift cards for purchases is probably the option I'd choose. Or get one cc with a low available balance and only use it for BN and again, use a gift card for purchases.