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problems downloading library books

I have an older nook and a new Color Nook. I gave the older one to my daughter when I got my new one. I always downloaded library books constantly on the old one. With the new one, nada :smileysad:  It does not recognize the new nook. It does however download books on the old one.  I did get a new computer that has Windows 8 but I didn't think that should make any difference. I'm not really too computer savvy so this has been really frustrating.  Any suggestions?

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Is it a Nook HD? If so, you need to download the Overdrive App and activate your Adobe Account. Then you can download books from within the Overdrive app directly to the Nook. You'll also have to read them in the Overdrive app.
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Don't know if this will solve your problem but I had a similar problem when I updated the Adobe Digital Editions program that my library uses to loan e-books.  It wasn't a simple upload of new software, I had to unauthorized my Nook (on Adobe Digital, not the Nook it's self) eject the Nook, reconnect the Nook and re-authorize it.  So if you bought a new computer you probably downloaded Adobe Digital and now you need to "update" your Nook as well. 


Hope this helps