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Needs to be cloud friendly

I think one HUGE drawback to purchasing a book on NookStudy is its inability to read your material online.  All of the publisher websites offer this service, along with printing ability and everything else.  You have to remember that students aren't always carrying their laptops with them and sometimes their batteries are drained.  Don't forget a lot of campuses offer computer labs and will not allow you to install new programs to them (like Nook Study).  You have to make it availabe for us to read these books online.  I understand there are a lot of piracy issues that you are trying to avoid, but in my opinion don't transfer that problem to the consumer. 

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Re: Needs to be cloud friendly

not only are there privacy issues, I would think that the publishers put restrictions on books as well. You can see this by seeing the amount of eTextbooks that are readable on the web view versus the amount of Trade books that can be read in the web view.