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NookStudy app? (Specifically Windows 8)

I've seen a few other questions about NookStudy being made into a touch-happy/tablet-friendly app, but if there have been answers about the prospect, I've missed them.


I'm using NookStudy and the Windows 8 Nook App both on my Surface Pro, and I so wish they were fused together, or at least there was a Windows 8 App version of NookStudy, because it's incredibly useful; the PDFs and ebooks are all easier to read and annotate in NookStudy than any app I have, and the layout is very clean. But an enormous downside is it's practically touch-phobic. I love the tabs, I love the side-by-side view, I love that on an ebook, even when I change the size of the viewing screen, the page numbers stay the same. All the different ways to view a text (adjusting page-size and/or text size/font), and all the different ways to navigate (page numbers, search, table of contents), all really great. But things like trying to scroll when my keyboard is flipped back and my stylus not in my hand -- well, I can't.


Then, the Windows 8 Nook App: it's really beautiful. I wish I could transfer every ebook I've ever purchased (scattered across various platforms) over to this app. Like NookStudy, it has options for the on-screen layout, (love the Publisher Default), and yet maintains a consistent pagination. The only downsides are that I can't import PDFs, nor purchase textbooks, nor annotate -- so it doesn't work for study.



I understand keeping the two functions -- personal reading and school reading -- as separate apps. Still I wish they were two separate apps in Windows 8. An app with the study-functionality/flexibility of NookStudy combined with the flowing-tablet-ease of Windows 8 Nook App would be invaluable.


Is it in the works?

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Re: NookStudy app? (Specifically Windows 8)

Like almost all Tech companies, and yes B&N has morphed into a Tech Company, you will never hear anything from them on projects not yet announced.  There are rumors about everything, but until B&N releases it in a press release, it is not confirmed.


Sorry this does not really answer your question, but B&N has to protect its I.P.