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Re: Nookstudy for Ipad?

Nook = left behind

Get with it!
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Re: Nookstudy for Ipad?

Thought I would join the frustrated college student club and throw a post here.  


Dear BN,


By lying and refusing to add Nook Study to the iPad as you keep promising I give you this promise (and understand I WILL follow through with it): if the iPad does not have an app by fall quarter I am tossing (not selling - to prevent further sales) my original NOOK and Simple Touch w/ Glow Light.  I will then buy a Kindle and purchase all of my reading from them and other sources. You have also lost sales by not including an Android tablet app for the past year as I refuse to read on a laptop.  




A Frustrated College Student


I bought an iPad due to the fact that it has multiple textbook providers (Kno, Inkling, Course Smart, Kindle, etc) and I remembered BN said 'coming soon' to the iPad a while back.  Just to make sure I followed up with an associate in store.  They assured me that the iPad did in fact have an app.  Acting on that information I bought an iPad.  Imagine my dissapointment and anger when I couldn't, in fact, read NOOK Study books (dumb name by the way - makes people assume they can read it on their nooks).


This is 2013.  If you cannot find a way to get a perfectly working system from a computer to the most popular and influential mobile product since the iPhone then you are the worst, most laziest company out there.  This is really quite dumb when you are starting to collapse finacially (you also don't price match your own online price, you don't honor your membership card for NOOK purchases, and now this).  What are you THINKING????