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Regarding the NookStudy software:

How does one create subfolders under the coursework. The advertisement shows the main title of "Biology" with subfolders of "all Items", "coursework" and "details". I have not been able to make this work and would really appreciate some feedback on how to make it happen.

Thank you,

NJ King


You  may view the image url below to see what I am referring to.


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Re: Subfolders

I am also looking for help with creating sub-folders. In addition to creating them is it possible to import documents in their sub-folders? It is a real pain to have to move docs / books one at a time once they are in the main library. 

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Re: Subfolders

I am a NookStudy user and have only used the software with sideloaded PDF's. NookStudy is the most feature-rich and useful study software on the market. However, there are just a few drawbacks that make the experience frustrating.


I Wish That I Could Create Subfolders Inside Courses

The inability to futher organize our files is one of those drawbacks. Adding the ability to create subolders within our courses would be an invaluable feature. Currently, I have several categories that files would be organized in, but they will definitely change from course to course. My subfolders would be Optional Readings, Assignments, Practice Exams, Sylllabi, Assignment Answers, and probably a couple more.


I Wish That Scrolling Was Smoother

An issue that adds to the need to implement subfolders is the erratic scrolling in the application. I have not used a traditional mouse with the application, but using a trackpad on a MacBook Air, scrolling is VERY slow and bordering on unusable. The only solution to this is to physically grab the scroll bar with the cursor and dragging it manually. Super frustrating.


I Wish That I Could Drag and Drop PDF Files Directly Into Courses

Another related issue is the finicky file import functionality. Please make the required changes so that we can drag and drop sideloaded PDF files into a specific course (subfolder) instead of the "All Items" folder. If you wonder why, try downloading around 20 PDF's, renaming them in the OS, importing them into NookStudy, finding the files, renaming them again, and then placing them one by one into the correct course. Not the best workflow, when we need every last minute to study.


I Wish That Imported Files Would Be Named The Same As The File's Title

Something that further complicated this process is that when a sideloaded PDF is imported, it doesn't name the document by the actual title of the file. Is there a reason for this? I end up having to rename all files twice which is extremely time consuming.


I Wish The Sort Order Wouldn't Change After Renaming Files

Also, when renaming documents in NookStudy, after I rename every file, the sort order of the files change so that I have to re-sort the files twice to bring the files I need to rename back to the top. I have to do this for EVERY file that I rename. I wish that I could organize them by "Recently Added" and that it would maintain that sort order after I rename a file. 



Thanks for working so hard on this and taking our feedback into consideration. Something very important to us students is the turnaround on our feedback. Most traditional feedback/implementation cycles will be longer than the time we are in school! Please remember this!