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Unable to open book - Nook Study - called support, no help...

I downloaded a 7 day trial of a textbook to use with Nook Study, and it worked just fine.  Yesterday, I was prompted to pay for it, which I did, and now I get an error when I try to open the book


A network problem has occurred. This could be a result of slow, limited, or no internet connectivity. Please try again later


I called support, and they said its a known issue and they were looking into it.  I tried to create a new account and redownload a new 7 day trial of the book (after signing out of Study...), but now I get the same error there as well. 


Great...  the Memorial Day holiday already had me behind on my homework,  and I have no idea how long this is going to take them to resolve.  Not impressed with Nook Study.  They have my money, but I have no book.


Any support people that can comment?