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Why Is There No NookStudy Port To Linux?

I have read messages on various threads that ask that a version of NookStudy be made available to Linux users. I must second all those requests. I have tried using NookStudy via Wine on my Ubuntu partition and found that does not work very well. With a growing number of users waking up to the value of using Linux I have to wonder why Barnes & Nobles is not responding to legitimate concerns of its customers? As at least one commentator point out Nook runs on Android which is based on the Linux kernel. If Barnes & Nobles saw fit to put a product based on the Linux kernel out into the stream of commerce they are certainly capable of porting a version of NookStudy to Linux users.


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Re: Why Is There No NookStudy Port To Linux?

It's a shame that B&N doesn't seem to see the value of connecting with the Linux user community.


Having earned a degree in Computer Engineering, I greatly prefer Linux for its security (Windows 8 is even more questionable with the new MetroUI getting you online from the get-go).


I'm confident this omission will be eventually corrected.