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Will this ever be available for users of Mac OS 10.5?

I was very excited about the idea of being able to use at least a couple of etextbooks this semester through the nookstudy program.


Unfortunately, when I went to download the program I noticed that it was only available to Mac OS 10.6 customers.  As I bought my computer when 10.5 was the OS version, this does not work for me.  However, I see that not two, but three different versions of the Windows OS are able to operate nookstudy.


As my semester is starting in about a week and a half, I was wondering if there are any plans to open this up to more Mac users by making it available for more than one operating system as you have done for Windows clients?


Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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Re: Will this ever be available for users of Mac OS 10.5?

Yes, I have the same issue. I got my Macbook in mid 2009, and currently cannot afford upgrades, or replacement of my computer as it is clearly not covered or offered through my school's bookstore. It would be a blessing to be able to no longer carry heavy books up and down 3 flights of stairs each day of class. I also wonder why NookStudy is not accessible through the iPhone, as the regular Nook app is. Will there be an availability for Nook on OS 10.5 in the near future? If not, I will not be able to use this software, as my classes begin in 2 days. Also, Why is linux not offered? It's a major upcoming operating system, that I would prefer over windows since(from my experience) windows based computers tend to slow considerably over time, as Unix, and Linux based computers remain running fast.

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Re: Will this ever be available for users of Mac OS 10.5?


The issue is probably with the APIs that are in OSX 10.6 that are not in OSX 10.5.  Without those APIs the app will not work.  There are currently three OSX flavors that are included as supported, just as in Windows.  However the Win8 version uses completely new APIs that don't exist in Win XP -Win 7.

The update from OSX 10.5 is only $25.00 but you will need to contact Apple as they don't distribute the Disks anymore.  You cannot upgrade from Leopard to Mountain Lion directly, you need to upgrade to Snow Leopard first then to Mountain Lion so the total upgrade to the newest OS will cost you $50.00.  But you only need to upgrade to Snow Leopard to use the NOOKstudy software.