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eTextbook and NOOKstudy FAQ's

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You may peruse Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) of eTextbooks and NOOKstudy here:


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Re: eTextbook and NOOKstudy FAQ's

My friends and I bought our nook because we wanted the ability to purchase e-textbooks.  We asked the people at the store and they said that we could purchase any book in the e-book format.  You can't imagine how unhappy we were to learn that our nook doesn't support NOOKstudy. :womanmad: That wasn't very smart and the reasoning for this decision isn't making the situation any better.  We all have since purchased an iPad because we are able to do a remote log in to our macbooks to use NOOKstudy when we aren't home. We have purchased scores of books for research papers and required readings for college classes.  iPad has a iBooks and we've compared the availability of books between our nook and our iPad. The prices are pretty close and sometimes the same; the fact that we don't get very many coupons to use on nook books is disappointing.  We were apart of a study group where the NOOKstudy subject came up and we all feel the same way.  NOOKstudy our units will make us more productive, save us time and keep our backs healthier.  The only thing that will stop us from leaving our B&N accounts to collect dust is NOOKstudy for our iPads and our nooks. Please, helps us out, we've been so faithful. I own the very first nook as well as a nook color.  My aunt asked which one she should purchase for my cousin for a graduation present...tick tock B&N. Tick Tock.


Thanks for listening.



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Re: eTextbook and NOOKstudy FAQ's

Just got my Nook Color for Christmas for the purpose of putting E-Textbooks on it.  Purchased my first one and now I find that I can't do anything that I had been told I could do?  No zoom feature, no auto rotate feature,  Seeing as how this was purchased during Black Friday I guess it is too late to return it for a tablet.   Deep Disappointment.  B&N Please fix this for us users.  Only reason I got it was to put technical manuals and textbooks on it.  I don't do any other type of reading.  I really didn't want the big bulky tablet to have to carry around.  I tried reading the book I purchased and am having trouble reading any of the diagrams in it, even with a magnifying lense.  Is there a way to return an E-Textbook for a regular hardcopy textbook?

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Re: eTextbook and NOOKstudy FAQ's

Just a question, can I use nook study on my nook tablet? I looked through the frequently asked questions and I didn't find anything explicitly calling out its use on the nook tablet. Thanks!

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Re: eTextbook and NOOKstudy FAQ's

Hi Lambinitial,


In a word, no.  NOOKstudy does not work on the NOOK tablet, the screen is just too small.