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printing question

I have been highlighting my book and writing notes but how do I print both of those things so my notes are connected to what I highlighted.  Or is there even a way to look at the highlighted parts with my notes?  Or is there a way just to print the notes I make?

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Re: printing question (document w/notes)

I am also interested in this.

I annotated a PDF document and when I chose to print it out none of the mark up was with it.

Although, all the copyright notices did get added in!


This is an absolutely essential feature.  Think about an open note test...



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Re: printing question

I, also, would love to be able to print my notes and highlights.  I highlight things for my own personal use and would like to keep them somewhere I can easily refer back to them, which requires either being able to copy and/or print them.


I feel it's unfair that we cannot print the notes and highlights.

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Re: printing question

I have been trying to figure out how to print my annotations ever since I started using NOOK Study.


Finally decided to seek help, since it would be a very convenient option.  Today I am stunned to see that the question was raised more than 2 years ago and REMAINS UNANSWERED.


Does that mean the Barnes and Noble does not monitor the site to (A) answer questions, and (B) look for ways to improve the NOOK Study App?


OR does it mean that B&N does not care?


Either way, I am very disappointed.  NOOK Study App is quite attractive for what it does, but would be greatly enhanced (in my view) by allowing us to print our own notes.  [There are still some who do not wish to share everything on social media, so posting on Facebook, etc is NOT a good substitute.]


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