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Re: Buggy Email App

We don't want to delete mail from the server as stated by another poster:


"I want to be able to load new emails, and to leave a copy on the POP server even if I delete these emails from my NT mailbox.  If NT deletes emails from server then I will not be able to receive same emails on my Notebook PC.  Even my cellphone can do that - it looks at the time when latest emails were received from server, and does not load any emails that have time stamp older than last upload - problem solved! Can someone at B&N implement this simple fix, and to make the email function useable?!"


Why must the NOOK Tablet running 1.4.1 continually down load 25 emails that I have already read or deleted.

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Re: Buggy Email App

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Re: Buggy Email App

wpiv: what ports are you using for your Comcast account?  Thanks



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Re: Buggy Email App

When I purchased the Nook tablet, I was assured that the Email app was a fully functioning piece of software.  It is worse than terrible and had I known that it did not work with all Email addresses, would have elected not to make the purchase.  It is strange that my Email address works perfectly with an iTouch but not a Nook.  Today their customer support sugested that I change my Email address.

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Re: Buggy Email App

What is the "problem" with your e-mail address?  Or, are you having a problem getting your e-mail provider access set up on the Nook?

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Having trouble accessing your email with your Android device?

While the email platform works well with most Android devices, Cox recommends the K-9 email app in cases where customers find the mail client installed on their Android device cannot be used. K-9 email is a free 3rd-party app* that can be downloaded from the Internet.

*Cox does not support the K-9 email client but only recommends its use in cases where the built-in email client cannot be used. Contact the application manufacturer for support issues. See also Set Up an Android Device to Send and Receive Email.


The K9 email app is now available for free in the nook app store.  A great feature is that you can go  into

the trash and select all and then delete all.  this app seems to work with many of the email provider accounts

that people have trouble with on the pre-installed nook email app

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Use K9

Use K9 instead of the pre-loaded app.  K9 is a free email app in the nook app store.  Try it, you'll like it.

It works with, comcast, rocketmail, etc, etc