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Charger Compatability between Nook Models

In my house we have a Nook Tablet, Nook Simple Touch, and Nook First Edition.  It would be nice to have one charger in the corner and not the three different ones we have now.  Can I use the Nook Tablet charger to safely charge the older Nook models?



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Re: Charger Compatability between Nook Models

I think the NT cable won't fit in the NST charging point - the NC and I'm pretty sure the NT have a high current charger and a nonstandard USB fitting on the cable as it has extra pins and does not seat in other devices.


But you can use the NST cable to trickle charge the NT or NC from a USB port or the NST charger, or to sync to a computer.  I have the NC charger in one room and the NST charger nearer the computer, and charge the NC with whichever cable is closest to hand unless it's gotten very low, in which case I fit it to the dedicated charger. 


One word of caution on the charging:  be sure you connect the cable first to your Nook Tablet, then to the charger.  The high current can fitting can spark and damage the NT if you connect the device to a cable that is already live.

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Re: Charger Compatability between Nook Models

nah, I am pretty sure all the ports on the nook 1e, nook simple touch, nook color and nook tablet are all micro usb.


so any will fit. the question though is the power that is in the charging plug.

i would assume there is more power running through the nc and nt ones than the e ink nook charges, but i could be wrong.


i use my motorola droid charger to charge my nook 1 and it works just fine. because the devices are made to not take in more power than they need.


so maybe if you used your simple touch charger to charge the nt, it might do it slower, but i am sure you will be fine


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Re: Charger Compatability between Nook Models

I don't know about the Nook tablet, but the Nook color has an extra pin in it for rapid charging and the metal part you insert into the device is a little bit longer.  You can charge the NC with the NST charger, it will just take quite a bit longer to charge, but I wouldn't recommend using the NC charger on the NST or N1E, if it even fits.


I know there's some difference because my NC charges much more quickly with it's charger.  It will charge with a regular micro USB charger, but much much slower and the charging light never comes on.

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Re: Charger Compatability between Nook Models

That's right.  You can use any of them to charge the NC and NT, but cannot and should not try to use the NC and NT one to charge the eink versions.


The NC and NT charger and cord have extra pins for quick charging and put out more power for that purpose.  Using the eink nook's charger and cord will charge it very slowly since it's only accessing the "normal" pins on the cord.

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