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Google Play access Firmware update for Google Tablet

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It is a good thing that the new Firmware update allows existing users to access Google play on their Nook. But why has this firmware update been limited to HD ad HD+ only? What are Barnes and Nobles plan for a firmware update for Nook and Nook color users to allow them to access Google play as well?

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Re: Google Play access Firmware update for Google Tablet

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This has been covered many times already:


While it would be super cool awesome if B&N did so, it is unlikely for devices that have been out of production for so long. There is more than just sticking the app on required, and in addition to the programming effort for defunct devices, B&N would have expend the time and money to get the devices licensed by Google. "Not likely" is my expectation. 


Of course, anybody willing to make a minimal effort can root the NC/NT, or load alternate firmware, so the good news is that you can get it if you really want it. I put CM10.1 on a NT and it works quite nicely. 


You want, it's also fairly easy to root the NST and load the few apps that will work on it. 


Yeah, it's a bummer, but Nissan won't update the car I bought last year either, and it cost a bit more.