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Magazine Won't Download

Hello... I am subscribed to Rolling Stone, and new issues aren't downloading to my Nook Tablet. I tried refreshing my library, and even canceling my subscription and then subscribing again. I'm not sure what to do! Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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Re: Magazine Won't Download

FangBanger, what happens when you go to the Archived Items section and then try to download from there?


1) Go to Archived Items page from Library Page. On the right you have to click 'My Stuff' and then choose 'Archived Items'.


2) On the Archived Items page find what you want to download. Then press and hold on icon for 2-3 seconds. You'll get a menu and one option will be 'Unarchive'.


Finally, if you have a lot of large magazines and apps, then try archiving some of the larger ones (but please don't archive apps that save data or game progress as that data will get deleted).