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SD card issue

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I have a Nook Tablet with a PNY 16GB SD card.  This morning I had a notification saying the card could be  damaged and I had the option to format or cancel.  We attempted to repair the card using chkdsk /f and some of the files were recovered and saved to my laptop.  Several folders are still missing or empty.  SInce I have backups of most of my files, should I just buy a new card and start over?  Any ideas as to what happened and how I can avoid this happening again?  Also, what brand of SD card is best?

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Re: SD card issue

Suggest a new class 4 Sandisk card.  Android (which the Nook OS is) works better with this class 4 card than others.  Check out Amazon -- they're prices are quite good.

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Re: SD card issue

I'll second what PJLLB said.


SD Cards are notorious for failing quite regularly. Sandisk is a good company - their SD Cards are more reliable than most.


Also 4X is the speed that works best with Android Tablets. Nook is based on Android so it too works best with 4X speed.