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Slight Problem using Adobe Digital Editions

Hi all! My name is Gaby, this is my first post here on your forums :smileyvery-happy: I just downloaded the Adobe Digital Editions program because I heard it's a good way to get books and such from the computer onto your Nook. The only issue is that the program isn't showing any of the books I've downloaded, only small files and fliers from my Nook Tablet. All the other articles I've read about ADE are a bit dated and don't always mention what type of Nook is used, so I was wondering if maybe the program and my model of Nook are not compatible? Thanks bunches! Oh, and on a bit of a sidenote, has anyone tried using their Google Reader (or whatever it's called) account and linking it to ADE? I thought I might of read about that somewhere... thanks again!

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