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Twitter update gets stuck in download

Git a Twitter update and when I attempt to download it, the processing progress bar never goes away and the app never updates. Anyone else experience this?


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Re: Twitter update gets stuck in download

Yes, lots and lots of people are having the same issue with


Twitter App


Wing-something App


1) App appears magically.

2) App shows installing or downloading.

3) App never finishes.


Also, some users have had app downloaded. Then App on restart again shows downloading.


AMV and Wing-something App don't work even if they install. Twitter does (if it installs).

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Re: Twitter update gets stuck in download

Ignore the "downloading" status of really has downloaded and installed...try using just fine...


the AMV app that showed up is actually a backend install to help with enhanced content magazines....ignore it...the developers made a boo should never have showed up ...just run in the background.


and new free apps show up cause B&N wants them too, LOL