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Book storage and Nook App

Two Questions re: my HD+:smileysad:2.1)


1. If I want to keep all of my books both from BN and sideloaded from Calbre) in one file only, what is the preferred location for internal and for sdcard. I have plent of space in both but want to eliminate multiple book listings.


2. Not having sideloaded an app in quite some time, I have forgotten how/where and wish to do so with the Nook app instead of using the embedded Nook version. Would appreciate any help with where to d/l the app from and where to load and install. Will not d/l from Playstore due to embedded Nook.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Book storage and Nook App

1. I think that you should keep your books on your device first (books don't take up too much space). Then you can put apps on the rest of the space on the device and add movies and tv shows on the sd card.


2. sorry, I don't know. I like my Nook the way it is.

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