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Can you sideload apps on the Nook Color?

So, I REALLY want to get the Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now, my friend has it on his Kindle Fire and said I could download it off of 4shared then add it to my Nook Color. Pshh, DIDN'T WORK! Then, I saw how you can sideload apps on the Nook Tablet. Is there any way I can sideload apps on the Nook Color? If there is, please tell.

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Re: Can you sideload apps on the Nook Color?

Haven't been around on these boards much lately. I am rooted, still running autonootered 3.0 under 1.1.0 (yes I know, last year I was able to dedicate much time to rooting my NC, but then life got normal again). Anyway, what's the best way to sideload apps? I have Apps 2 SD Pro which I got as an Amazon freebie but it doesn't show up on the NC, I don't think it's compatible. Running out of room on my NC and I just purchased a 32 GB card. 


Someday I will get around to rooting some other way . . .