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Charger for Africa

Hoping to get the Nook with Glowlight for a trip to Africa.  How can I charge it up?  Is there some sort of charger that uses batteries that I can take with me?   Maybe an aftermarket product that I can power up with the nook usb cords. 

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Re: Charger for Africa

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So are you woried about imcompatible power or having no access to power at all? The chargers that are desgined for the Nook work from 120 to 240 V, so you only need a travel adapter to make it fit in the power socket of where you are going.


On the other hand if you are looking for a way to charge it where there is no power you can get both solar usb chargers as swell as hand crank radios ( that have usb chargers.

 Also there are  hand crank power adapters that have a cigarette lighter adapter

that you can generate power from and charge your Nook The 12 cigarette adapter would require a simple usb adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. So you really have plenty of alternatives.