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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

So, dbatl, you'd sue over that? Yes, companies must be held accountable, but it is also up to us as consumers to determine the logic of our actions in line with what happens to us.
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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

Yup the same data entry mistake can be made several times. Just like NASA assumd there were 34 hours in a day....... Can you sue for mistakes (especially when they have been corrected)?  Not usually. Can dbatl show any damages to base a suit on? Nope.  Does the poster realize that MOST times when a consumer exerts pressure and threatens to sue ti exert their rights all efforts to correct the problem cease immediatly and the whole file is kicked to legal waitng for the consumers next move (which never comes) This includes agencey filings (BBB etc)


If you want a virtual gurantee of NO resolution threaten to sue, or involve other agenceys. Any company from Mom and Pop to major corporations will exert their rights as well.

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

I hate dealing with lawyers but they are both a necessary evil and a godsend-depending on which end of the lawsuit you sit on. I totally understand the request for a class action lawsuit - it is borne out of total frustration with B&N Nook/ebook division and perhaps other poorly run "live" stores. And yes, many of those class action lawsuits seem to be frivolous and the only one who really benefits are the lawyers. But companies have to be held accountable somehow for shoddy business practices, and if they go out of business, so be it.  That's the law of free enterprise - live and die by the sword. If a company can't deliver as promised, ignores consumer issues, and continues to stop on consumers hiding behind a veil of legal agreement sign-offs to use their products, then I say, go for the lawsuit. Fair game. I am having a very frustrating experience with their 140-page legal agreement that we all must sign in order to registger our Nook. And yes, buyer beware, read the fine print, yada yada. I got caught with my "pants down" by unknowingly agreeing to the bait-and-switch practice  B&N uses - changing book prices on customers at anytime point without notifying them - this can occur at any  point within the electronic purchase, from minutes to hours later. A wonderful customer service rep told me that and reminded me it was my fault because I agreed to it by checking off "I agree" during my registration process. B&N has the "right" to hold your purchase (i.e. delay "syncing it" , delay crediting your account, for whatever lame/real real reason during your e purchase) and then charge you a new, higher amount because, geez gosh darn it, you missed that Free offer by seconds.  Sorrrrryy!  Better luck next time.....I only got burned for 20 bucks, but in this recession, a penny lost is, well, a penny lost. Of course my recourse was to try to get the money credited - but their purposefully inept customer service is enought to drive the sanest person looney, and in the end, still you have been ripped off for whatever they billed you for their FREE books. Going the credit card complaint route is the next option, and 3 months later, the credit card company comes back with, so sorry, but ahem, not knowing is not an excuse --even though you didn't read that sentence informing you of B&N shyster billing practices, you nevertheless agreed to them, so guess what dearie, you lose.  Now you owe not only the $20 for the FREE books, but also a late fee to the bank.....Lesson learned. No more Nook for me. I now have an ipad and use itunes/kindle. Of course I now have to go back and read the fine print to see how they might screw me over guess is I'm going to go back to reading the old-fashioned way - get a library card. Painful but at least no unexpected charges on my credit card.

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

Sorry you are having problems with your Nook Color! Most users are happy with theirs,  yes there are problems with anything we buy today, but working with the seller is the best way to resolve problems.


but..........This isn't the complaint board.  Really, if you have to dig up months old posts to on, you should be doing it somewhere else.  Both of your two posts are from very old posts, one from April and this one from July.


How much do you want for your NC?  Maybe there is a buyer here if you realistically price it as a used NC.

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

Be are going be viciously verbally lashed for daring to complain about b&n here!

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

Hatenook, you should PM Alex, the community manager, with the details of your purchase and the pricing hiccup.


It may take some time, but I've gotten a mispriced book credited properly back to my account.  I think the community managers here have access to some folks that are not available to the folks on the billing line.  I'm not saying that's how it should be, but it can help you in your specific situation.   

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit Book Refunds

May be I should not say this as B&N might come after me for more money; but, I have been refunded twice for Nook Books.  One a reference work that I did not like and once for a "mistaken" purchase.  I was demonstrating how easy it was to order and accidentally ordered a book.  Both times the CS Rep handled it easily.

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

mbratch wrote:

So true, so true.  If I could have given you multiple laurels, I would have done so.

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

mbatch, great link, a good reminder that our frustration with our daily pressures can to be easily taken out on others, we are all the good guys in our own lives.

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

For anyone having problems with the Nook Color AC Adapter or cord, especially those where things are melting, burning, electrical arcs are seen (fast blue flame), or even slight burns to fingers, please go to


and file an incident report.  I had a Nook Color AC Adapter get extremely hot to the point my fingers were sore after touching it.  After unplugging it and letting it cool, the adapter no longer functions.  This appears to be a pretty common problem.  Model number for the AC Adapter/charger is BNRP5-1900.

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit

roustabout wrote:

There are shysters who will file class actions over anything,

One does not file a class action lawsuit. One files a normal lawsuit, presents the court with evidence that it is a widespread issue affecting many people (the class), and asks the court to certify it as a class action.


The first step is for someone to pony up several hundred grand in retainer fees to get an attorney interested.


Class actions aren't actually all that common, nor should they be.