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Re: Dropbox Help


catarific wrote:


Eventually I hope to get the nerve up to get an SD card.  I have heard good and bad things with them.  Can you recommend the correct SD card to purchase?

SanDisk class 4 micro SD cards have been highly recommended by numerous posters.  I have used an 8GB class 4 Kingston for 14 months on my NC without any problems.


And thanks to you and j-andersonjma for pointing out Drop2Sync.  That sounds like a much better way to import files to the NC from dropbox.  I'll have to give it serious consideration.

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Re: Dropbox Help

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Reply to Catarific's request to recommend a dual-boot Android card: I highly recommend AndroidForNook. I checked out other options, such as roll your own and N2A, but found AFN gave the highest quality consistently; well-informed, quick-response support; and free upgrades; all for an extremely reasonable price. I'm a happy camper.
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