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I downloaded this

Friday and had five movies converted in a short period of time.  The steps were very easy.


I had an issue with the sixth movie.  It had the 99 tracks issue identified on their site.  I was able to identify the proper track but still had an issue.  I emailed about the problem Saturday night around 11:00 PM and had an answer that worked 10 AM Sunday.


I have an older nookcolor so I have more internal memory than some of the newer models.  I have loaded two movies on internal memory and have three on a micro SD card.  Doing some quick tests, everything seems to work well.


I now have a number of DVDs converted on my hard drive so I can swap them out quickly before or after a trip. 

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Re: Dvd Catalyst 4

I download a free trial of the  DVD Catalyst 4 so I can see if it worked before buying it. I figured out how to use it but it only downloads on my nook just the first 30 mins of the movie. Can it be because I'm using a free trial or am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Dvd to Nook..Dvd Catalyst 4 Thumbs up

Thank you all so much!  I found DVD Catalyst 4 and am trying it right now!

I can hardly wait to watch a movie on my CN!