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Facebook on Nook Color

Every time I go to Facebook from my NC, it always show info from 1-2 hours before. I have tried to refresh the page, but it still shows a delay in the info. However, if I go to FB from my laptop, everything is current. Does FB just work like that on the NC, or is it just mine. I have also tried to do the manual update 3 times and nothing happened! Is my nook defective, or what am I doing wrong? Please help, I wanna enjoy the new apps like everyone else! LOL

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Re: Facebook on Nook Color

That may just be a delay in the connection of your NOOK Color with your router. 


In order to get the manual update for your NOOK Color, go to <> and follow the instructions provided under:

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Re: Facebook on Nook Color

Before I updated to 1.2, the Nook would default to the mobile site whenever I entered   The mobile  site seems to only load certain post.  If you are using the mobile site you can load the full desktop version at the bottom at the page.   That will match what u see on the PC.