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Flash Player Upgrades - Nook Color stopped playing videos, etc.

My Nook Color worked fine the first year of its life, playing videos and games without any problems. Then, in January of this year, something happened to Flash Player. Now, when I try to play things requiring this, I get error message that says that the latest version of Flash Player is required and to click to install. Of course, you cannot install anything. I called tech support, who with no warning at all, walked me through a hard factory reset. I lost all my pictures and music. The music I could replace but the pictures I could not as my hard drive died on my PC, destroying the only other copy of them. Anyway, I continued to call tech support to complain avbout my situation. I got no help at all - only "I will pass it along to management". Other NC owners do not experience the problem I have. I need to reload Flash but cannot. I tried the manual update procedure to see if I could get things working again but I get message saying that I am running latest update. How can I force my NC to reload the latest update? I used to tell everybody to get a Nook but now I tell them all how disappointed I am and to try Kindle Fire before they spend a dime on a Nook. I have four friends who did just that as they wanted an e-reader that actually does other things besides giving error messages. You live, you wasted $249.
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Re: Flash Player Upgrades - Nook Color stopped playing videos, etc.

I don't know what sites you're trying to use flash on, but the flash people stopped issuing updates for Android I think I heard.  So, Nook's flash player is going to get more and more out of date, and BN can't or won't be able to do much about it.

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Re: Flash Player Upgrades - Nook Color stopped playing videos, etc.

Many folks find that if the browser is in "mobile mode" they get that message, and if it is in "desktop mode," they do not. 


Websites present different versions of themselves to you if they know you're on a mobile device.

Another indication that you are in the wrong mode comes from not being able to zoom, even with the hovering zoom  buttons, in websites. 


You can put your browser back into "desktop mode" from the settings menu, and I bet that will resolve this for you.

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