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Free Nook Books-Children/Family Books

Does anyone know if B&N offers any type of weekly free downloads for children or family related topics? I enjoy getting the weekly Friday selection but was curious if they offered anything similar that appealed to the children and/or the entire family. :smileywink:

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Re: Free Nook Books-Children/Family Books

Nope - just the standard Free Friday Nook Book. It's luck of the draw on whether that one is family-friendly or not. (I read the reviews before I download it; while I'm willing to try out new genres and authors when it's free, I've found some that I won't download because they're reviewed as having a lot of bad language or explicit sex scenes.)


I agree that B&N ought to have a separate free Nook Book setup for kids/families. I'd really like that.

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Re: Free Nook Books-Children/Family Books

You can download our app that covers Free Book Updates  - Free Books & Book Deals Buddy .


Free Books for Children are not very common. But when we find them we include them.